github api-platform/core v2.5.0-beta.1
Version 2.5.0 beta 1

  • Add an HTTP client dedicated to functional API testing (#2608)
  • Add PATCH support (#2895)
  • Add a command to generate json schemas api:json-schema:generate (#2996)
  • Add infrastructure to generate a JSON Schema from a Resource ApiPlatform\Core\JsonSchema\SchemaFactoryInterface (#2983)
  • Replaces access_control by security and adds a security_post_denormalize attribute (#2992)
  • Add basic infrastructure for cursor-based pagination (#2532)
  • Change ExistsFilter syntax to exists[property], old syntax still supported see #2243, fixes it's behavior on GraphQL (also related #2640).
  • Pagination with subresources (#2698)
  • Improve search filter id's managment (#1844)
  • Add support of name converter in filters (#2751, #2897), filter signature in abstract methods has changed see b42dfd198b1644904fd6a684ab2cedaf530254e3
  • Ability to change the Vary header via cacheHeaders attributes of a resource (#2758)
  • Ability to use the Query object in a paginator (#2493)
  • Compatibility with Symfony 4.3 (#2784)
  • Better handling of JsonSerializable classes (#2921)
  • Elasticsearch: Add pagination (#2919)
  • Add default, min, max specification in pagination parameter API docs (#3002)
  • Add a swagger version configuration option swagger.versions and deprecates the enable_swagger configuration option (#2998)
  • Order filter now documents asc/desc as enum (#2971)
  • GraphQL: BC Break Separate query resource operation attribute into item_query and collection_query operations so user can use different security and serialization groups for them (#2944, #3015)
  • GraphQL: Add support for custom queries and mutations (#2447)
  • GraphQL: Add support for custom types
  • GraphQL: Better pagination support (backwards pagination) (#2142)
  • GraphQL: Support the pagination per resource
  • GraphQL: Add the concept of stages in the workflow of the resolvers and add the possibility to disable them with operation attributes (#2959)
  • GraphQL: Add GraphQL Playground besides GraphiQL and add the possibility to change the default IDE (or to disable it) for the GraphQL endpoint
  • GraphQL: Add a command to print the schema in SDL api:graphql:export > schema.graphql (#2600)
  • GraphQL: Improve serialization performance by avoiding calls to the serialize PHP function
  • GraphQL: Allow to use a search and an exist filter on the same resource
  • GraphQL: Refactor the architecture of the whole system to allow the decoration of useful services (TypeConverter to manage custom types, SerializerContextBuilder to modify the (de)serialization context dynamically, etc.)


Please read #2825 if you have issues with the behavior of Readable/Writable Link

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