github api-platform/core v2.4.6
Version 2.4.6

  • GraphQL: Use correct resource configuration for filter arguments of nested collection
  • Swagger UI: compatibility with Internet Explorer 11
  • Varnish: Prevent cache miss by generating IRI for child related resources
  • Messenger: Unwrap exception thrown in handler for Symfony Messenger 4.3
  • Fix remaining Symfony 4.3 deprecation notices
  • Prevent cloning non clonable objects in previous_data
  • Return a 415 HTTP status code instead of a 406 one when a faulty Content-Type is sent
  • Fix WriteListener trying to generate IRI for non-resources
  • Allow to extract blank values from composite identifier
latest releases: v2.5.7, v2.5.6, v2.5.5...
13 months ago