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Version 2.4.3

  • Doctrine: allow autowiring of filter classes

  • Doctrine: don't use fetchJoinCollection on Paginator when not needed

  • Doctrine: fix a BC break in OrderFilter

  • GraphQL: input objects aren't nullable anymore (compliance with the Relay spec)

  • Cache: Remove some useless purges

  • Mercure: publish to Mercure using the default response format

  • Mercure: use the Serializer context

  • OpenAPI: fix documentation of the PropertyFilter

  • OpenAPI: fix generation of the servers block (also fixes the compatibility with Postman)

  • OpenAPI: skip not readable and not writable properties from the spec

  • OpenAPI: add the id path parameter for POST item operation

  • Serializer: add support for Symfony Serializer's @SerializedName metadata

  • Metadata: ApiResource's attributes property now defaults to null, as expected

  • Metadata: Fix identifier support when using an interface as resource class

  • Metadata: the HTTP method is now always uppercased

  • Allow to disable listeners per operation (fix handling of empty request content)

    Previously, empty request content was allowed for any POST and PUT operations. This was an unsafe assumption which caused other problems.

    If you wish to allow empty request content, please add "deserialize"=false to the operation's attributes. For example:

    // api/src/Entity/Book.php

    use ApiPlatform\Core\Annotation\ApiResource;
    use App\Controller\PublishBookAction;


    • @ApiResource(
    • itemOperations={
    • "put_publish"={
    • "method"="PUT",
    • "path"="/books/{id}/publish",
    • "controller"=PublishBookAction::class,
    • "deserialize"=false,
    • },
    • },
    • )
      class Book
      `` You may also need to add"validate"=falseif the controller result isnull(possibly because you don't need to persist the resource). * Return the204HTTP status code when the output class is set tonull * Be more resilient when normalizing non-resource objects * Replace thedatarequest attribute by the return of the data persister * Fix error message in identifiers extractor * Improve the bundle's default configuration when usingsymfony/symfonyis required * Fix the use ofMetadataAwareNameConverterwhen available (configuringname_converter: serializer.name_converter.metadata_aware` will now result in a circular reference error)
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