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Version 2.4.0 beta 1


Full changelog:

  • MongoDB: full support
  • Elasticsearch: add reading support (including pagination, sort filter and term filter)
  • Mercure: automatically push updates to clients using the Mercure protocol
  • CQRS support and async message handling using the Symfony Messenger Component
  • OpenAPI: add support for OpenAPI v3 in addition to OpenAPI v2
  • OpenAPI: support generating documentation using ReDoc
  • OpenAPI: basic hypermedia hints using OpenAPI v3 links
  • OpenAPI: expose the pagination controls
  • Allow to use custom classes for input and output (DTO) with the input_class and output_class attributes
  • Allow to disable the input or the output by setting input_class and output_class to false
  • Guess and automatically set the appropriate IRIs for common validation constraints
  • Allow to set custom cache HTTP headers using the cache_headers attribute
  • Allow to set the HTTP status code to send to the client through the status attribute
  • Add support for the Sunset HTTP header using the sunset attribute
  • Set the Content-Location and Location headers when appropriate for better RFC7231 conformance
  • Display the matching data provider and data persiter in the debug panel
  • GraphQL: improve performance by lazy loading types
  • Add the api_persist request attribute to enable or disable the WriteListener
  • Allow to set a default context in all normalizers
  • Permit to use a string instead of an array when there is only one serialization group
  • Add support for setting relations using the constructor of the resource classes
  • Automatically set a 409 Conflict HTTP status code when an OptimisticLockException is thrown
  • Resolve Dependency Injection Container parameters in the XML and YAML files for the resource class configuration
  • RequestAttributesExtractor is not internal anymore and can be used in userland code
  • Always use the user-defined metadata when set
  • OpenAPI: add a description explaining how to use the property filter
  • GraphQL: the look'n'feel of GraphiQL now match the API Platform one
  • PHPStan level 6 compliance
  • Add a show_webby configuration option to hide the spider in API docs
  • Add an easter egg (find it!)
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