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Version 2.4.0

See the announcement on Kévin's blog for a curated list of the changes.

  • Listeners are now opt-in when not handling API Platform operations
  • DISTINCT is not used when there are no joins
  • Preserve manual join in FilterEagerLoadingExtension
  • The elasticsearch attribute can be disabled resource-wise or per-operation
  • The messenger attribute can now take the input string as a value (messenger="input"). This will use a default transformer so that the given input is directly sent to the messenger handler.
  • The messenger attribute can be declared per-operation
  • Mercure updates are now published after the Doctrine flush event instead of on kernel.terminate, so the Mercure and the Messenger integration can be used together
  • Use Symfony's MetadataAwareNameConverter when available
  • Change the extension's priorities (<0) for improved compatibility with Symfony's autoconfiguration feature. If you have custom extensions we recommend to use positive priorities.
Service name Priority Class
api_platform.doctrine.orm.query_extension.eager_loading (collection) -8 ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\Orm\Extension\EagerLoadingExtension
api_platform.doctrine.orm.query_extension.eager_loading (item) -8 ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\Orm\Extension\EagerLoadingExtension
api_platform.doctrine.orm.query_extension.filter -16 ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\Orm\Extension\FilterExtension
api_platform.doctrine.orm.query_extension.filter_eager_loading -17 ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\Orm\Extension\FilterEagerLoadingExtension
api_platform.doctrine.orm.query_extension.order -32 ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\Orm\Extension\OrderExtension
api_platform.doctrine.orm.query_extension.pagination -64 ApiPlatform\Core\Bridge\Doctrine\Orm\Extension\PaginationExtension
  • Fix JSON-LD contexts when using output classes
  • GraphQl: Fix pagination (the endCursor behavior was wrong)
  • GraphQl: Improve output/input behavior
  • GraphQl: Improve mutations (make the clientMutationId nullable and return mutation payload as an object)
  • MongoDB: Fix search filter when searching by related collection id
  • MongoDB: Fix numeric and range filters
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18 months ago