github api-platform/core v2.3.4
Version 2.3.4

  • Open API/Swagger: fix YAML export
  • Open API/Swagger: Correctly expose overridden formats
  • GraphQL: display the stack trace when in debug mode
  • GraphQL: prevent a crash when the class name isn't provided
  • Fix handling of one-to-one relations in subresources
  • Fix max depth handling when eager fetching is disabled
  • Compatibility with Symfony 4.2
  • Prevent calling the remove method from all data persisters
  • Persist Doctrine entities with the DEFERRED_EXPLICIT change tracking policy
  • Throw an InvalidArgumentException when trying to get an item from a collection route
  • Improve the debug bar panel visibility
  • Take into account the route_prefix attribute in subresources
  • Allow to use multiple values with NumericFilter
  • Improve exception handling in ReadListener by adding the previous exception
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22 months ago