github api-platform/core v2.3.1
Version 2.3.1

  • Data persisters: call only the 1st matching data persister, this fix may break existing code, see
  • Subresources: fix inverse side population
  • Subresources: add subresources collections to cache tags
  • Subresources: fix Doctrine identifier parameter type detection
  • Subresources: fix max depth handling
  • GraphQL: send a 200 HTTP status code when a GraphQL response contain some errors
  • GraphQL: fix filters to allow dealing with multiple values
  • GraphQL: remove invalid and useless parameters from the GraphQL schema
  • GraphQL: use the collection resolver in mutations
  • JSON API: remove duplicate data from includes
  • Filters: fix composite keys support
  • Filters: fix the OrderFilter when applied on nested entities
  • List Doctrine Inflector as a hard dependency
  • Various quality and usability improvements
latest releases: v2.5.7, v2.5.6, v2.5.5...
2 years ago