github api-platform/core v2.2.6
Version 2.2.6

  • Fix identifiers creation and update when using GraphQL
  • Fix nested properties support when using filters with GraphQL
  • Fix a bug preventing the ExistFilter to work properly with GraphQL
  • Fix a bug preventing to use a custom denormalization context when using GraphQL
  • Enforce the compliance with the JSONAPI spec by throwing a 400 error when using the "inclusion of related resources" feature
  • Update ChainSubresourceDataProvider to take into account RestrictedDataProviderInterface
  • Fix the cached identifiers extractor support for stringable identifiers
  • Allow a POST request to have an empty body
  • Fix a crash when the ExpressionLanguage component isn't installed
  • Enable item route on collection's subresources
  • Fix an issue with subresource filters, was incorrectly adding filters for the parent instead of the subresource
  • Throw when a subresources identifier is not found
  • Allow subresource items in the IriConverter
  • Don't send the Link HTTP header pointing to the Hydra documentation if docs are disabled
  • Fix relations denormalization with plain identifiers
  • Prevent the OrderFilter to trigger faulty deprecation notices
  • Respect the fetchEager=false directive on an association in the EagerLoadingExtension
  • Use the configured name converter (if any) for relations in the HAL's ItemNormalizer
  • Use the configured name converter (if any) in the ConstraintViolationListNormalizer
  • Dramatically improve the overall performance by fixing the normalizer's cache key generation
  • Improve the performance CachedRouteNameResolver and CachedSubresourceOperationFactory by adding a local memory cache layer
  • Improve the performance of access control checking when using GraphQL
  • Improve the performance by using isResourceClass when possible
  • Remove a useless try/catch in the CachedTrait
  • Forward the operation name to the IriConverter
  • Fix some more code quality issues
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2 years ago