github api-platform/core v2.1.5
Version 2.1.5

  • Add support for filters autoconfiguration with Symfony 3.4+
  • Add service aliases required to use the autowiring with Symfony 3.4+
  • Allow updating nested resource when issuing a POST HTTP request
  • Add support for the immutable date and time types introduced in Doctrine
  • Fix the Doctrine query generated to retrieve nested subresources
  • Fix several bugs in the automatic eager loading support
  • Fix a bug occurring when passing nor an IRI nor an array in an embedded relation
  • Allow to request 0 items per page in collections
  • Also copy the Host from the Symfony Router
  • Paginator::getLastPage() now always returns a float
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Minor quality fixes
latest releases: v2.5.7, v2.5.6, v2.5.5...
2 years ago