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latest release: v3.2.2
20 days ago

What's Changed


  • [fix][broker] Avoid execute prepareInitPoliciesCacheAsync if namespace is deleted (#22268)
  • [fix][broker] Avoid expired unclosed ledgers when checking expired messages by ledger closure time (#22335)
  • [fix][broker] Check cursor state before adding it to the waitingCursors (#22191)
  • [fix][broker] Close dispatchers stuck due to mismatch between dispatcher.consumerList and dispatcher.consumerSet (#22270)
  • [fix][broker] Fix OpReadEntry.skipCondition NPE issue (#22367)
  • [fix][broker] Fix ResourceGroup report local usage (#22340)
  • [fix][broker] Fix ResourceGroups loading (#21781)
  • [fix][broker] Fix issue of field 'topic' is not set when handle GetSchema request (#22377)
  • [fix][broker] Fix wrong double-checked locking for readOnActiveConsumerTask in dispatcher (#22279)
  • [fix][broker] fix mismatch between dispatcher.consumerList and dispatcher.consumerSet (#22283)
  • [fix][ml]Expose ledger timestamp (#22338)
  • [improve][admin] Fix the createMissingPartitions doesn't response correctly (#22311)
  • [improve][broker] Add createTopicIfDoesNotExist option to RawReader constructor (#22264)
  • [improve][broker] Add fine-grain authorization to ns/topic management endpoints (#22309)
  • [improve][broker] Add missing configuration keys for caching catch-up reads (#22295)
  • [improve][broker] Change log level to reduce duplicated logs (#22147)


  • [fix][client] Consumer lost message ack due to race condition in acknowledge with batch message (#22353)
  • [fix][client] Fix wrong results of hasMessageAvailable and readNext after seeking by timestamp (#22363)
  • [fix][client] GenericProtobufNativeSchema not implement getNativeSchema method. (#22204)
  • [fix][client] Unclear error message when creating a consumer with two same topics (#22255)
  • [fix][client] fix Reader.hasMessageAvailable might return true after seeking to latest (#22201)
  • [fix][client]Fixed getting an incorrect maxMessageSize value when accessing multiple clusters in the same process (#22306)
  • [improve][client] Add backoff for seek (#20963)

Pulsar IO and Pulsar Functions

  • [fix][fn] enable Go function token auth and TLS (#20468)


  • [improve][misc] Remove the call to sun InetAddressCachePolicy (#22329)
  • [fix][misc] Make ConcurrentBitSet thread safe (#22361)
  • [fix][ws] Check the validity of config before start websocket service (#22231)

Library updates

  • [fix][sec] Upgrade jose4j to 0.9.4 (#22273)
  • [fix][sec] Bump from 1.38.0 to 1.56.3 in /pulsar-function-go (#21444)
  • [fix][sec] Go Functions security updates (#21844)
  • [fix][sec] Upgrade Zookeeper to 3.9.2 to address CVE-2024-23944 (#22275)
  • [fix][sec] Upgrade prometheus client_golang to v1.12.2 to fix CVE-2022-21698 (#20579)
  • [fix][build] Upgrade alluxio version to 2.9.3 to fix CVE-2023-38889 (#21715)
  • [improve][misc] Include native epoll library for Netty for arm64 (#22319)
  • [improve][misc] Pin Netty version in pulsar-io/alluxio (#21728)
  • [improve][misc] Upgrade Netty version to 4.1.105.Final (#21923)

Tests & CI

  • [fix][ci] Tolerate mount option change failing in CI (#22241)
  • [fix][ci][branch-3.0] Increase Maven's heap size from 1024m to 1500m as it is in master
  • [fix][test] Fix flaky ManagedLedgerErrorsTest.recoverAfterZnodeVersionError (#22368)
  • [fix][test] Fix flaky RGUsageMTAggrWaitForAllMsgsTest (#22252)
  • [fix][test] Fix flaky test BrokerServiceAutoSubscriptionCreationTest (#22190)
  • [fix][test] Fix flaky test ManagedLedgerTest.testGetNumberOfEntriesInStorage (#22344)
  • [fix][test][branch-3.0] Fix broken ManagedLedgerTest.testGetNumberOfEntriesInStorage
  • [fix][test] Fix the tests with same namespace name (#22240)
  • [improve][test][branch-3.0] Improve ManagedLedgerTest.testGetNumberOfEntriesInStorage
  • [improve][misc] Upgrade checkstyle to 10.14.2 (#22291)

For the complete list, check the full changelog.

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