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5 months ago

Known issues

  • Maven does not resolve transitive dependencies, see #6041. It will be resolved in 5.6.2

New and Noteworthy

  • fix: use UTF-8 as a default encoding in HTTP sampler by @vlsi in #6010
  • Fixed endless thread groups in non-GUI mode. Use default value for LoopController.continue_forever rather than initializing it in the constructor by @vlsi in #6011
  • fix: after disabling the Java Request sampler, it cannot be enabled again by @vlsi in #6012

What's Changed

  • docs: add release-drafter for populating GitHub releases info based on the PRs by @vlsi in #6000
  • chore: use Gradle toolchains for JDK provisioning by @vlsi in #5989
  • test: replace TestTransactionController.TestSampleListener with CollectSamplesListener by @vlsi in #6002
  • bump JMeter version in issue templates to 5.6 by @alexsch01 in #6013
  • fix: treat null or blank values as empty for saved properties by @vlsi in #6027
  • doc: update documentation for sampleresult.default.encoding default value by @vlsi in #6028
  • chore: trim dependencyManagement and optional dependencies from pom.xml by @vlsi in #6031
  • doc: update changelog for 5.6.1 by @vlsi in #6024
  • doc: update changelog for 5.6.1 by @vlsi in #6001


New Contributors

Full Changelog: rel/v5.6...rel/v5.6.1

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