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What's Changed

  • doc: add load profile samples to Open Model Thread Group documentation by @vlsi in #718
  • Master tests by @pjfanning in #722
  • Add .asf.yaml, enable GitHub Issues by @vlsi in #728
  • Add GitHub Issue templates by @vlsi in #5710
  • doc: handle markup in documentation by @vlsi in #5711
  • Add Chinese Simplified Translation for Open Model Thread Group by @kaola89 in #725
  • SyncTimerTest | Used Junit 5 assertions to keep it consistent by @SampathKumarAmex in #726
  • Update grgit to 4.1.1 (from 4.1.0) by @SampathKumarAmex in #691
  • Update Spock to 2.2-groovy-3.0 (from 2.1-groovy-3.0) by @vlsi in #5713
  • Remove Travis CI configuration as the ASF is moving away from Travis CI by @vlsi in #5719
  • Bump actions/checkout to v3 by @vlsi in #5722
  • Update Bugzilla -> GitHub issues in the contribution documentation by @vlsi in #5712
  • UPPER is the default case for changeCase by @orimarko in #5731
  • bump checksum-dependency-plugin to 1.86, so public pgp keys could be stored under the source control by @vlsi in #5760
  • Update Gradle to 7.6 from 7.3 by @vlsi in #5763
  • Change from Assert. to Assertions. by @milamberspace in #5813
  • Bug #5807 - Fix an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on HTTP parameters … by @milamberspace in #5812
  • Add KeyStroke for start_no_timers (Start no pauses: CRTL+SHIFT+n) by @dgetzlaf in #5792
  • chore: bump Gradle to 8.1.1 by @vlsi in #5814
  • chore: call verifyReleaseDependencies only when building release version by @vlsi in #5828
  • Deadlock in testsuite by @FSchumacher in #5870
  • Trim variable names in Argument objects by @FSchumacher in #5874
  • [66139] Ensure Open Model Thread Group initializes config elements only once by @vlsi in #717
  • Add errorprone verifications by @vlsi in #5873
  • Fix NumberFormatException when counter is empty or not a digit on Proxy Settings panel by @milamberspace in #5901
  • Speed up CPU-bound tests by skipping recoverRunningVersion for elements that are shared between threads (the ones that implement NoThreadClone) by @vlsi in #5899
  • Use JMeterProperty#intValue for loop count directly by @FSchumacher in #5876
  • Use Caffeine for caching HTTP headers instead of commons-collections4 LRUMap by @vlsi in #5911
  • feat: Use Caffeine for caching compiled scripts in JSR223 samplers instead of commons-collections4 LRUMap by @vlsi in #5909
  • feat: Use Caffeine for caching customizers in TestBeanGUI instead of commons-collections4 LRUMap by @vlsi in #5910
  • feat: use ServiceLoader to find implementations instead of searching classes in jars by @vlsi in #5885
  • feat: add property to disable FunctionProperty caching by @vlsi in #5788
  • ci: add randomized matrix for better test coverage by @vlsi in #693
  • style: use bounded wildcards for private, and static methods by @vlsi in #5927
  • Update website copyright year to 2023 by @raboof in #5787
  • perf: cache datetime formatter in __time function by @vlsi in #5934
  • Added Shortcut key event for Reset search - 66053 by @rollno748 in #710
  • perf: remove excessive BufferedInputStream from HTTP sampler by @vlsi in #5952
  • perf: avoid String.replaceAll in HTTPJavaImpl by @vlsi in #5953
  • perf: avoid string concatenation in HTTPHC4.HttpClientKey by @vlsi in #5954
  • fix: PropertyIterator.remove should remove properties from both collections in TestElement by @vlsi in #5958
  • chore: allocate Xmx1500m for the build by @vlsi in #5962
  • test: Add OpenJDK JMH for creating microbenchmarks in JMeter code by @vlsi in #5960
  • Migrate TestElement interface to Kotlin by @vlsi in #5959
  • chore: reduce verbosity of the build logs by @vlsi in #5965
  • Add more variables to template to compute sampler names by @FSchumacher in #5869
  • doc: update the next version to be 5.6 by @vlsi in #5936
  • feat: Enable usage of ${...} expressions for checkbox controls by @vlsi in #5944
  • chore: bump vlsi-release-plugins to 1.89 by @vlsi in #5972
  • chore: use testFixtures sourceset instead of depending on all the test classes by @vlsi in #5975
  • perf: add PropertyIteratorImpl.EMPTY_ITERATOR when iterating over an empty collection by @vlsi in #5985
  • fix: AbstractTestElement#clone might produce non-identical clones if element constructor adds a non-default property value by @vlsi in #5984
  • DSL for programmatic test plan generation by @vlsi in #678
  • fix: restore public static final String references to literals for backward compatibility by @vlsi in #5988
  • fix: encode unicode characters in filenames when sending files in HTTP Sampler by @vlsi in #5987


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