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5 months ago

What's Changed

  • Update JMeter screen preview by @vlsi in #575
  • docs: clarify how to configure InfluxDB v1 and InfluxDB v2 by @bednar in #592
  • Update neo4j-java-driver from 1.7.5 to 4.0.1 by @michaelweidmann in #594
  • Ensure all buttons added to the toolbar behave/look consistently. by @weisJ in #599
  • Set JMSType header field through JMSProperties. by @topicus-pw-dvdouden in #600
  • Bug 64581 - Allow SampleResult#setIgnore to influence behaviour on Sampler Error by @pmouawad in #604
  • Improved README. by @ham1 in #605
  • Fix for control flow behavior regression by @tilln in #606
  • Update Gradle: 6.3 -> 6.6, add build cache and build scans by @vlsi in #611
  • Make the splash screen application-modal rather than system-modal by @vlsi in #614
  • Bug 64553 When using Transaction Controller, send Bytes and Received Bytes are displayed as 0 in the influxdb(BackendListener) by @pmouawad in #608
  • Bug 64711 - Use theme from darklaf extensions for RSyntaxTextArea. by @weisJ in #617
  • Update JUnit5 to 5.7.0 (from 5.6.2) by @vlsi in #619
  • Prevent NPE in ToolTipManager by @weisJ in #621
  • Add validation of the third-party jars that are included to the release by @vlsi in #620
  • Guard against empty or wrong threadGroup names by @FSchumacher in #622
  • Use string formatting for log messages by @FSchumacher in #623
  • Correct string formatting for log message by @FSchumacher in #624
  • Make method less complex by extracting private methods by @FSchumacher in #625
  • Move guard clause for log message generation by @FSchumacher in #626
  • Removed the http4client.retain_max_body_size property mentions by @kkalinin in #578
  • BZ 64752 - Add GraphQL/HTTP Request Sampler by @woonsan in #627
  • Ensure fallback enabled fonts are used. by @weisJ in #618
  • BZ-64787 : Korean translation by @woonsan in #630
  • BZ-64800: correcting plugin action components' resource key usages by @woonsan in #631
  • Fix to Bug64776 - Add the possibility to add SecurityProviders by @FackelAB in #629
  • Add Error Prone code style verification by @vlsi in #632
  • Make allowed version of freemarker explicit by @FSchumacher in #633
  • Add BackendListener that sends "raw" results to InfluxDB by @ham1 in #544
  • Fix a typo in by @wuyuanwei in #634

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