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5 months ago

What's Changed

  • Remove unnecessary boxing by @vlsi in #541
  • Replace Spotless with Autostyle by @vlsi in #549
  • Add Travis CI job to test JMeter with IBM s390x by @namrata-ibm in #550
  • Bug 64091 - Precise Throughput Timer might produce less samples when low test duration is used by @vlsi in #553
  • Color test results in Gradle output by @vlsi in #554
  • Update Gradle test output formatting by @vlsi in #555
  • Bug 64142 - Use gray icons for disabled elements in the tree by @vlsi in #558
  • Add ExecutionMode.SAME_THREAD to JMeterSerialTest to ensure the tests are not executed concurrently by @vlsi in #560
  • Add darklaf look and feel by @vlsi in #556
  • Add screenshots for Darklaf look and feel by @vlsi in #562
  • Use SVG icon for splashscreen by @vlsi in #565
  • On the fly look and feel updates, change zoom hotkey to ctrl+alt+wheel by @vlsi in #566
  • Show context menu for the full row, not just for the tree label by @vlsi in #564
  • Improve toolbar border by @weisJ in #568
  • Support SVG icons for the toolbar by @vlsi in #570
  • Remove etched borders. by @weisJ in #569
  • Overhaul the approach for using custom styles in JMeter components by @vlsi in #572
  • Improve the startup time: skip test plan UI initialization by @vlsi in #573
  • Upgrade Gradle: 6.1 -> 6.3 by @vlsi in #577
  • Implement per-field undo/redo by @vlsi in #576
  • Add icon for JetBrains Toolbox by @vlsi in #579
  • Update Darklaf: -> 2.0.2 by @vlsi in #582
  • Speed up DNSCacheManagerSpec + simplify some code in DNSCacheManager. by @ham1 in #580
  • Fixed duplicate theme name in the changelog by @weisJ in #584
  • Add a 'Median' field to the dashboard and make the response time percentile fields support floating-point numbers by @keithmork in #567
  • Added JEXL3 as a syntax alias for JSyntaxTextArea by @drivera-armedia in #585
  • UI improvements. by @weisJ in #581
  • Bug 64407 - Improve JMS Publisher UX by @ubikloadpack in #586
  • Bug 64408 - Improve JMS Subscriber UX by @ubikloadpack in #587

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