github apache/dolphinscheduler 3.1.7

latest release: 3.0.6
pre-release5 days ago

What's Change


  • fix: Save task seatunnel error #14129
  • [fix-#13940] add status of stop in class of TaskExecutionStatus (#14016)
  • [Bug-13951 ][dolphinscheduler-service] StartParams is not applied when task is failover(RECOVER_TOLERANCE_FAULT_PROCESS CommandType) #13958
  • [fix-#14169]The subprocess type node is always in the ready pause or ready stop state (#14170)
  • [fix-11321][ui] fix create workflow contains chunjun node failed (#11979)
  • make status and schedule publish status display together (issue-12834) (#12922)
  • fix the select component on the page of workflow relation (#13805)


  • [Doc] Fix cannot load driver class (#14072)

Full Changelog: 3.1.6...3.1.7

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