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Antrea v1.14.3

latest release: v1.13.4
26 days ago


  • Stop using for user-facing images. (#6073, @antoninbas)
  • Persist TLS certificate and key of antrea-controller and periodically sync the CA cert to improve robustness. (#5955, @tnqn)
  • Disable cgo for all Antrea binaries. (#5988, @antoninbas)


  • Disable libcapng to make logrotate run as root in UBI images to fix an OVS crash issue. (#6052, @xliuxu)
  • Fix nil pointer dereference when ClusterGroup/Group is used in NetworkPolicy controller. (#6077, @tnqn)
  • Fix race condition in agent Traceflow controller when a tag is associated again with a new Traceflow before the old Traceflow deletion event is processed. (#5954, @tnqn)
  • Change the maximum flags from 7 to 255 to fix the wrong TCP flags validation issue in Traceflow CRD. (#6050, @gran-vmv)
  • Update maximum number of buckets to 700 in OVS group add/insert_bucket message. (#5942, @hongliangl)
  • Use 65000 MTU upper bound for interfaces in encap mode in case of large packets being dropped unexpectedly. (#5997, @antoninbas)

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