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29 days ago

What's Changed

  • Updated Python from version 3.9 to 3.11 (@dmzoneill #14771)
  • Skipped replicas test for awx-operator (@TheRealHaoLiu #14987)
  • Updated the dependencies versions in both the Makefile and requirements file to match (@CFSNM #14986)
  • Fixed unformatted pop-up help text when peers for instances are changed (@dmzoneill #14990)
  • Fixed awx-manage run_wsrelay to not start the metrics server if --status is passed in (@TheRealHaoLiu #14997)
  • Moved TCP keepalive settings out from settings.DATABASE to settings.LISTENER_DATABASES and to no longer be respected by wsrelay (@TheRealHaoLiu #14998)
  • Fixed failing bulk launch job due to create partition race (@TheRealHaoLiu #15000)
  • Added dump_auth_config management cmd (for SAML and LDAP) (@TheRealHaoLiu #14947)
  • Backported various miscellaneous doc cleanup fixes from product-docs repo (@tvo318 #14980)
  • Added setting for configuring optional URL prefix for /api (@TheRealHaoLiu #14939)
  • Added various Setting modifications to address UI_NEXT requests (@TheRealHaoLiu #14996)
  • Updated editable dependencies in the docker-compose development environment (@TheRealHaoLiu #14979)
  • Fixed extra variables to no longer reset on schedule edit (@mabashian #15008)
  • Updated complex/mapping format for first_found and including skip: True and removed the <project_path>/requirements.yml paths from consideration as collection requirements (@sivel #15017)
  • Fixed Keycloak documentation previously broken by recent PostgreSQL 15 change and docker-compose network change (@TheRealHaoLiu #15024)
  • Fixed wsrelay not retry to establish database connections (@TheRealHaoLiu #15031)
  • Updated wsrelay to stop on keyboard interruptions and to restart for any other failure reason (@TheRealHaoLiu 15036)

Full Changelog: 24.0.0...24.1.0

Known issue

  • Job event and job status does not live update in the UI (#15038)

AWX Operator

Released with AWX Operator v2.14.0

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