github ansible/ansible-language-server v0.5.3

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2 years ago


  • Fixed intermittent issue with execution environment for auto-completion and
    hover by waiting for async function to copy plugins from within EE to local host
    cache --@ganeshrn.



  • Enhanced the logic of ansible-lint service to do the following things by

    • Fallback to --syntax-check in every failure scenarios (for eg. in case of
      wrong arguments passed, etc) and give visual feedback to the user in terms of
      notification about what went wrong.
    • Handle different response types sent by ansible-lint (for e.g. ansible-lint
      sends failure reports as stdout and sometimes as errors) by making them
      uniform in terms of structure and redirection.


  • Replaced the value 2^53 - 1 (which is Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER) with
    2^31 - 1 (which is integer.MAX_VALUE) to support extension clients that do
    handle 64-bit floating point IEEE 754 number by --@priyamsahoo.


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