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2 years ago

What's Changed


  • Refactor repository to contain server code by @ganeshrn in #1
  • Improve how Git treats changelog and locks in diffs by @webknjaz in #12
  • Move the package under the @ansible scope by @webknjaz in #10
  • Update the default settings value for using FQCN by @priyamsahoo in #37
  • feat: add execution environment auto completion by @ganeshrn in #42
  • Fallback to syntax-check if ansible-lint is not installed or disabled by @priyamsahoo in #5
  • Update module completion return statement to support FQCN by @priyamsahoo in #57
  • feat: Add support to provide diagnostics with EE by @ganeshrn in #53
  • doc: update readme file and add development docs by @ganeshrn in #80


  • Replace decode/encodeURI with native VSCode mechanism by @tomaciazek in #8
  • Fix path to the YAML fixtures in tests by @webknjaz in #19
  • doc: mention users of this project by @ssbarnea in #24
  • fix: correct package-lock.json by @ssbarnea in #25
  • Fix documentation fragment discovery by @tomaciazek in #40
  • Check that module paths are directories before globbing them by @kimbernator in #38
  • fix: bump ansi-regex dependency to 5.0.1 by @ssbarnea in #47
  • fix: initialise executionEnvironment service only when enabled by @ganeshrn in #55
  • fix: ensure npm archive includes out/server by @ssbarnea in #69
  • fix: drop unused files from npm package by @ssbarnea in #73
  • fix: sort slice() exception bug by @ssbarnea in #76
  • doc: update readme file with language server settings by @ganeshrn in #75
  • Fix grammar mistakes in the project README by @ssbarnea in #79
  • fix: collection path regression from #76 by @ssbarnea in #82
  • Correct dev doc link in README by @webknjaz in #83

Other Changes

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