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9 months ago

Added Views link in Jenkins


91b7c30 feat(fe): store last visited view page
9db447c fix(fe): add urls for views
2a57122 fix(fe): twice loading templates
001ddd3 feat(fe): view tabs
a2aa17b fix(fe): view sorting
943ab38 feat(fe): views edit dialog
106a53b test(be): fix dredd tests
3445d9a test(be): add view to dredd hooks and add view to swagger
76a81cc fix(be): view positions endpoint
793d74d feat(be): sql implementation of views
339dfa5 fix(be): set view positions for boltdb
1285f10 feat(be): views implementation for bolt
3b2f62f feat(be): add view mock
6d05ea4 fix(be): send email alert only for failed tasks
4410a39 feat(be): telegram message format
7e92b8c test(dredd): fix hooks binary name for windows
64e16e2 feat(be): remove task arguments
859ecf4 test(be): dredd config for windows
852e06f fix(be): mariadb migrations
3e8df07 chore(fe): text

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