github ansible-semaphore/semaphore v2.8.49

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6 months ago

Added username (optional) to SSH access key, related to #847.

Fixed bug with migration for Mariadb #857.

Add ability to choose Deploy Template as base template for other Deploy Template. It's allows to create Pipelines.

Fixed bug with migration and alert chat ID.

Added checking resource usage before deleting:

Added physical deletion of templates. Previously, deleted templates just market as deleted. Fixed this issues:

Added conditional cron.


32a6c95 refactor(be): move some functionality to GitRepository and AnsiblePlaybook classes
f9ea2df fix(be): bug with deserializing secrets
a30df15 fix(be): bug with getting remote commit
1993a14 fix(be): migration for dropping foreign key
c578653 style(be): remove unused constants
f8d333f feat: add username (optional) for SSH access key
fe9c602 fix(be): bug with panic #855
4d80b52 chore(fe): fix cron example
1036af1 fix(be): disable migration for mysql
6fe453f fix(fe): correct selecting task version when redeploying old version
66279bc fix(fe): selection build version in task form
2d8b934 fix(fe): show error message in non-admin user tries create first project
98b21bf feat(fe): display deploy tasks in Build Template combobox
751eeb4 fix(be): bug with ldap auth related to #808
a09a1fc chore(be): update ldap deps
8d05496 fix(fe): small ui fix
9ac3a55 feat(fe): short description of override cli args functionality
879a131 fix(fe): environment delete dialog
95e891c fix(be): bug with alert chat id #853
5185fa4 fix(be): migration for mysql
31d667c fix(be): migration 2.8.39
3e8004e feat(fe): change can't delete alert style
bcc98ec fix(ui): resouce usage message
10da89e fix(ui): resouce usage message
6d23eff fix(ui): resouce usage message
02a631f fix(be): refs for boltdb
05dd7c5 feat: remove soft delete functionality
6cc3d0f feat(be): remove column from template table
8e8ca94 feat(be): physical delete template from database
221454a fix(be): migration 2.8.26 for postgres
cb5ec3e chore(cli): more human readable error message
ebac0a1 chore(fe): npm audit fix
46a9b51 fix(be): sql query for schedule updating
9c5c155 fix(be): shedule with condition
dec20af fix(be): cron condition
208e615 feat(be): cron task with condition
bf7b503 refactor(be): extract Ansible to separate class
3e559cc fix(be): err check
88f4603 refactor(be): extract git functionality to separate class
fa4e13a refactor(be): remove global vars of task pool and schedule pool
b5eac6c refactor(be): move schedules to package services
8516e31 fix(be): remove recursive call in BoltDB method
db25237 Merge branch 'fix_mig' into develop
727b6f7 fix(be): boltdb migration
d3d002a refactor(be): change params for store method
84471a4 Update
6757f33 Update
d9c4c7e chore(fe): fix text

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