github ansible-semaphore/semaphore v2.8.37

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pre-release6 months ago

Added conditional cron.


ebac0a1 chore(fe): npm audit fix
46a9b51 fix(be): sql query for schedule updating
9c5c155 fix(be): shedule with condition
dec20af fix(be): cron condition
208e615 feat(be): cron task with condition
bf7b503 refactor(be): extract Ansible to separate class
3e559cc fix(be): err check
88f4603 refactor(be): extract git functionality to separate class
fa4e13a refactor(be): remove global vars of task pool and schedule pool
b5eac6c refactor(be): move schedules to package services
8516e31 fix(be): remove recursive call in BoltDB method
db25237 Merge branch 'fix_mig' into develop
727b6f7 fix(be): boltdb migration
d3d002a refactor(be): change params for store method
84471a4 Update
6757f33 Update
d9c4c7e chore(fe): fix text

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