github ansible-semaphore/semaphore v2.8.34

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6 months ago
  1. Added environment variable SEMAPHORE_ACCESS_KEY_ENCRYPTION for using with Docker. Use following command to generate it:
head -c32 /dev/urandom | base64
  1. Returned field Enter extra CLI Arguments.. to Template form (in Advanced options).

## Changelog

a68c64c refactor(be): add method to config
4d00ee8 fix(be): use encryption key from env if it is provided
2245715 fix(ci): changed docker encryption key
0ca4e67 fix(ci): base64 encoded default encryption key
82afa11 feat(fe): add advanded options for template
ef46f9b fix(ci): default access key encryption key in dockerfile
58c8e45 test(be): fix repository test example
30ec3f8 fix(be): user command 'semaphore server' in docker file
e773c80 fix(be): user command 'semaphore server' in docker file

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