github ansible-semaphore/semaphore v2.8.26

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pre-release6 months ago

Added support autorun deployment.

Added field Branch to Repository edit form.


caf47c2 style(be): rename go-migration
7737567 fix(be): migrations
ae0a471 refactor(be): move sql migration to separate file
0bc9aab fix(be): exit from method on error
e9e78ad test(be): test for bolt migration
d942cce test(be): fix tests after migration refactoring
9520c0c feat(be): implement migrations for BoltDB
c5a70c9 refactor(be): move Version up from sql to db package
f704379 test(be): fix repo creating test
e7f9d62 feat(fe): display branch of repository
06ad02d feat(be): add git_branch to database and add repository validation
4b024af feat(cli): add default value for config option
01e5630 feat(fe): monospace for command examples
f0ee0df feat(fe): add instruction how to add user
f6b5a39 fix(be): remove checking of updates from system info endpoint
755dca6 feat(be): small changes in semaphore_vars
315dba6 feat(be): passing to ansible new variable semaphore_vars
d8afdb1 feat(be): recursive retreaving task version. Now we can make pipelines :)
51fc40e feat(be): triggering autorun tasks

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