github ansible-semaphore/semaphore v2.8.25

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pre-release6 months ago


02b0d60 test(be): fix tests after survey vars mod
d60e3cf fix(be): test lint
8f6db54 feat(fe): add survay var type
7f297a2 feat: add survey vars to task form
e734904 fix(be): template sql query
5b6bd55 fix(be): schedule query
da99bfb fix(be): schedule query
54eaad2 test(be): remove unused test
34a6df6 feat: demo-mode label
e383444 feat(fe): hide some elements for non-admin users
f28364d fix(be): pass linter
f674738 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
cab1bd3 feat(fe): more suitable text for 401 error
948bb8d feat(be): in demo mode user can stop task
2cd95af feat(be): add demo mode
85d489a feat(be): non-admin users can manage keys in project, now it is secure because api doesn't return secrets
1ce8da1 chore(fe): remove incomplete ui elements
7eca14c feat(be): only admin can add new project
4c706f5 feat(be): add migration for new template and schedule fields
ba8ea4c feat(ui): add survey vars to ui
c3a88f3 Update
33e906f Update
f63e7de Update
34b0ad3 Update
b50c56e Update
226308c Update
ccdb2eb Update
24e0d10 Update
0f65992 Update

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