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9 months ago

Added environment variable SEMAPHORE_DB_DIALECT for using with Docker. It can be mysql, postgres or `bolt'.


ff30ddf feat(ci): add sshpass to docker image
101bccc chore: remove Link from telegram message
6aa7038 feat(fe): small ui enhancement
f1712dd Merge pull request #760 from jbkc85/develop
3a6bc0f Merge branch 'develop' into develop
bd3af95 Merge pull request #707 from POPSuL/f/700
fcf44e3 Merge pull request #773 from mwxp06/develop
4b60e66 chore(fe): change task link's tooltip condition
c69137e chore(fe): change task link displaying condition
10db33a Changed SEMAPHORE_DB_DIALECT to text
c435188 Change docker variable SEMAPHORE_DB_DIALECT_ID to SEMAPHORE_DB_DIALECT
a9d210b Merge branch 'ansible-semaphore:develop' into develop
738ab2d Added docker environment variable SEMAPHORE_DB_DIALECT_ID
89e64fc forcing local repo checks for 'file://' prefixed repositories
8038d2b Added global ESC handler to close popups

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