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9 months ago

Added Build/Deploy functionality.

Now task can be one of the following types:

  • Task — classic task
  • Build — task for creating artifacts
  • Deploy — task for deploying artifacts to the servers

In UI it looks like on the following screenshot:


Build and deploy tasks has versions:


Semaphore passing following NEW variables to Ansible:

  • semaphore_task_type — type of the task
  • semaphore_task_version — version of the artefact (for Build - which should be created, for Deploy - which should be deployed)

Docs by the feature


f04f1d8 feat(fe): task log view on small screen
10b7d41 feat(fe): add component TaskLink
8cc08d7 chore(fe): update packages
bc3a5a6 feat: use reference to build task by id insead of by version
4b6e145 feat(fe): display build message in combobox
8924073 feat(fe): ui docs

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