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pre-release10 months ago

Added Build/Deploy functionality.

Now task can be one of the following types:

  • Task — classic task
  • Build — task for creating artifacts
  • Deploy — task for deploying artifacts to the servers

In UI it looks like on the following screenshot:


Build and deploy tasks has versions:


Semaphore passing following NEW variables to Ansible:

  • semaphore_task_type — type of the task
  • semaphore_task_version — version of the artefact (for Build - which should be created, for Deploy - which should be deployed)

Docs by the feature


0a454b0 refactor(be): add enum TemplateType based on string
da36184 fix(be): add empty default values for some columns
58e59eb chore(fe): message style
191c6ed feat(be): passing semaphore vars via extra vars
8c10b9f feat(fe): display commit hash and message on deploy window
85ef963 feat(be): store commit message to task
ec2276a feat(fe): template type selector
b13e67e chore(fe): small ui changes
ad9846e feat(be): no default value for template type, null mean task
be97e87 feat(fe): Rerun, rebuild, redeploy buttons for tasks
f8b9fcf fix(ui): small UI issues
d8ce55a refactor(ui): move constants to file constants.js
d87a014 refactor(be): remove duplication
e692d24 refactor(be): add enum for event object type
dfb0415 refactor(runner): add validate repo method
5f1351e chore(be): remove unused env vars from git command
a46b0e3 feat(be): retreaving commit hash from repo
e7e807b feat(be): build versioning
b7eb0cd feat(ui): task template icons
0f72ce1 feat(ui): support build/deploy on UI
4ef6b5d refactor(be): move functions to appropriate files
ea9b366 chore(be): nullable template start_version
14b8def feat(be): add type of template: task, build or deploy
1e7821b chore(ci): ignore changes in package.json
4eb3e13 feat(ci): use ubuntu 20.04 image
3a7c7ff chore(ci): specify machine image version
2fc7e74 chore(ci): specify machine image version
46382dd chore(ci): use go get to install task tool
0d3da9e chore(ci): install task tool using go
3b55d6d chore(ci): try to use bash for task tool install
8f8e53d Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
b32b42b feat(be): add support ldaps
527a5be chore(ci): rollback task tool
ad442cd chore(ci): try to downgrade task tool to 3.7.3
4b71d16 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
ed0165a chore(ci): try to downgrade task tool to 3.7.3
4db5a8c fix(cli): command description
ba9d4ea Update
ad0d87a Update
bf6ee2d Update
6fe662f Update
71b8160 Update
a11a17d Update
0871886 Update
34696b7 Update
74b75fc refactor(be): add field 'options' for database config
eb99fac Merge pull request #743 from KalvadTech/secure_email
a59a0ed Secure Mail sender
942aa53 Secure Email

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