github ansible-semaphore/semaphore v2.7.6

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11 months ago

Changed CLI
Use semaphore help for details.

Migrated to Go 1.16


38a4176 refactor(cli): user add command
c1e9e52 Merge branch 'develop' into use_cobra
0eba844 fix(ci): docker test
804d094 fix(ci): use go 16 in dredd image
e3f9b32 fix(be): move goodman import to separate package to fix tests
376284b Merge pull request #700 from POPSuL/fix/699
4ec65fe Allow to close popups via ESC button
fe97469 chore: add goodman to fake helper
ef545f8 test(be): fix tests
931a9ca fix: add goodman dep
5b3402e fix: add goodman dep
d344784 fix: goss.yaml
d27c897 fix: goss.yaml
ee625eb fix: go.mod
85bc69d feat: update go to 1.16
603bb2b fix(ci): install packr
335dad3 fix(be): project_id value for each task
6ab1dd7 chore: remove upgrade from dradd tests
ddea297 fix(ci): script for docker
4c3e2f4 feat(cli): support arg -config for back compatibility
f7f23f9 feat(cli): use cobra library

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