github ansible-semaphore/semaphore v2.7.12

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pre-release11 months ago

Added vault password file for template.

Added user / become user login / password for inventory.

Added description for template.

Fixed bug with requirements.yaml.


ecf8331 fix(style): pass linter
efe6c02 feat: support vault pass file and ansible user login / password in inventory
e998f8a test(dredd): remove vault_pass_id from docs
a6f266b feat(be): add inventory become credentials and template vault password to database
3e223e2 fix(be): don't return error when tring install non-ssh key
b950dac test(dredd): fix api docs and return key secret validation
0aa2022 fix(test): dredd tests
6194fb6 refactor(be): use method instead of string statement
53e15d7 fix(be): requirements path
aa6cb85 feat: add password file for Access Key

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