github ansible-semaphore/semaphore v2.7.0

latest releases: v2.8.65, v2.8.64, v2.8.63...
13 months ago
  • Removed old Angular.JS UI.
  • Added multiple database support.
  • Added BoltDB support.

Support of PostgresSQL will be added in a patch release.

Snapcraft package will be added in a patch release (

External Git will be replaced to go-git in a patch release.


9256c83 chore(ci): remove some arch from build
38ab6ad fix(ci): goreleaser hooks only once
794ec2a chore: old goreleaser
0fe9c2b fix(be): setup
c9f64b5 fix(be): returns store according configuration
cca0e95 fix(be): pass unit tests
a6b4b14 style(be): linter
20ca9b9 fix(ci): checksum
b60e927 fix(be): correct sorting for boltdb
482d244 feat: tasks for BoltDB
c1853fa chore(ci): return circleci config
2b8a942 fix(be): remove boltdb user
c607b20 feat: remove old ui
31342ee test(be): replace t.Failed() to t.Fatal()
bdd0977 test(be): add some tests for bolt db
bf91af5 feat(db): boltdb soft delete
ca05dd9 fix(be): return correct http error code
0aee576 test(be): delete user and project for boltdb
bc5f794 test(be): tests for bolt implementation
855228e fix(be): boltdb - empty lists
2624a72 feat(be): run boltdb backend
c2628bf fix(be): correct marshalling for boltdb
c0a0e71 refactor(be): rename db tables prop objects
0e7c8b7 fix(be): boltdb backet validation
b0d0561 fix(be): add required param
dade5a3 feat(be): implemented all Store interface methods by BoltDb implementation
6a652be feat(be): implement all except tesks for BoltDB
0524997 feat(be): implement session, project with boltdb
67acad9 feat(be): add env, tempalte and inv implementation for bolt
14f2df7 chore(ci): disable building on circleci
0cc640b feat(be): bolt helper functions like for sql
55e8024 refactor: move ObjectProperies to db package
c16406c fix: return Sql() method to SqlDb type for dredd tests
dafd619 feat: complate migration to Store. Remove Sql() method
82c3b62 refactor: user auth via Store
d21b32f refactor(be): remove method fetch, use Store instaed of it
241409f Merge pull request #668 from gsoosk/develop
57266ab Update alipine version in production docker file to install ansible 2.10
421c05a fix(fe): add field project_id to each mutation request from class ItemFormBase.js
134bd18 fix(fe): add input for temlate's extra args
6426914 Merge pull request #661 from TrayserCassa/develop
a1d3965 change log for missing requirements file in roles directory
63d3f88 added GetMd5Hash func in helpers. Add import and refactor imports
ea1640c add dependency for md5 hash func. Refactor imports
6481d95 use hasrequirementsChanges check for galaxy run
64d53ab added function to write requirement hash to file
5023696 add function for checking requirements changes
3a3450d Check in install requirements for the file and log if not exists
ceea573 move galaxy run commands to func. Remove -p for collection
6fdb201 fix: disable compilation of version of UI
0a5fc96 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
696353f feat(be): init boltdb
9d80770 Merge pull request #653 from bafuka/develop
90277bc fix: The drop-down menu is too long to scroll
092716b Merge pull request #651 from FloThinksPi-Forks/develop
de264d2 Fix goreleaser arm64-rpm and update to v0.159.0
0787920 fix(web2): password field for new/edited user
0d28c8d fix(ci): golang image
3d6d194 feat(be): add Web root URL option description
779760d fix(be): lint
c78bc93 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
ac2132f fix(ci): capabilities
d039248 feat: migrate logging to Store
2c82e66 Update
d10b421 refactor(be): split SqlDb to several files
c472dc6 refactor(be): migrate users to Store
0c3a7c0 fix(be): events endpoint
d32f35f refactor(be): events via Store
027e45f refactor(be): migrate projects to Store
49fea98 refactor(be): migrate key to Store
19c7b7c refactor(be): migrate repos to Store
4707bd9 refactor(be): delete inventory via Store
385e788 feat(be): migrate inventories to Store
78f2474 chore(be): remove unused function
61a5e75 Merge pull request #634 from ansible-semaphore/sqlite-support
dca82a8 fix: merge conflict
f3a786c fix(be): do not return error if update session returns no rows.
fd1d427 refactor(be): return models to db package
1295435 test(be): fix dredd tests
6291647 refactor(be): migrate environment endpoints to Store
d754eef chore(be): remove sqlite
6e1a6d2 refactor(be): template and environment endpoints use Store
0d64b43 refactor(be): move util.go to api directory
b083f74 fix(be): delete global Mysql variable and add interface Store for dialect-independent communication with database.
400d2f6 chore: fix merge conflicts
d09fc1d feat(be): support sqlite

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