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pre-release20 months ago

Core changes

A new UI written in Vue.js and Vuetify.


Follow wiki/Installation


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7d50947 fix(fe): small ui fixes
c3266bc fix(fe): connect to websocket after user logged in
0b3f710 fix(fe): copy template
33adc2b fix(be): remove excess panic
90d1639 fix(fe): connect to websocket immediately after app created
043b885 feat(fe): update task statuses on Dashboard in realtime
d417f95 feat(be): feat(fe): add websocket for task logs
b76c6d3 chore(fe): change favicon
6263dfb fix(be): galaxy args order
7b7ae01 fix(be): run galaxy install for collections
add4b87 chore(be): print Server is running
7a7f430 fix(fe): task log dialog
943994e refactor(fe): rename class
43da9b7 refactor(fe): moved task status to separate component
ffbae23 feat(fe): selecting visible columns
6a680be feat(fe): add password form component
2b9e581 feat(fe): add password dialog
ecf8b61 feat(fe): correct tables layout, display task status
389b566 fix(fe): code style issue
bdb5741 fix(fe): date/time format
9d945f3 fix(fe): button's icon padding
35ff878 Merge pull request #619 from ansible-semaphore/web2
f8dab13 fix(ci): dredd test for template endpoint
c03e66f fix(ci): test-compile-changes for web2
bcfaca5 feat(web2): support web2 by backend and go-task
8004b0a fix(web2): task output displaying
670f1c4 fix(web2): task log view
cbcfdd6 fix(web2): small bugs on many pages
da03797 fix(web2): login
b60ff1a refactor(web2): remove extra components
bdbfdbe feat(web2): run task
c22ec2d fix(web2): redirect from login page
fdb3180 feat(web2): team page
cca1e33 feat(web2): add environment page
38a6131 refactor(web2): extract class ItemListPageBase
17e2b4a refactor(web2): extract base class ItemFromBase
1bff6c2 feat: inventory page
9ecf288 feat(web2): delete user
e20f455 fix(web2): returning to projects from users page when no one project exists
c70e6dd feat(web2): edit account dialog
dadf0a9 refactor(web2): rename components
06a05a5 feat(web2): users page
3c4ff73 fix(web2): create project
ff82c40 feat(api): list tasks for template
8b88446 feat(web2): dashboard
dd20e2e fix(web2): switching projects
158a276 feat: add side bar items
f8b396a refactor(web2): move api call to template form component
0d04d22 feat(web2): add template edit dialog
74bd370 feat(web2): template edit
669a8d0 feat(web2): add templates page
c855bf1 feat(web2): add sidebar
08ac853 ci: do not test web2
86c19c2 chore(fe): update package-lock.json
bff3ef9 feat(fe): init web2

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