github ansible-semaphore/semaphore v2.5.2

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22 months ago


05879cf ci: use checkout
f9c6496 Merge pull request #612 from ansible-semaphore/update-gpg-key
7751676 ci: update gpg key
1e8baeb Merge pull request #611 from ansible-semaphore/update-dredd-to-13
a5cf5e3 test: update dredd to 13.1.2
6fd8b51 Merge pull request #610 from ansible-semaphore/fix-dredd-tests
e4f4bbb ci: fix all stages
221f8db test: fix dredd tests
c12c490 fix(be): ignore host in api router
f3c53e2 Merge pull request #609 from ansible-semaphore/fix-dredd-tests
78b298c ci: fix dredd tests
8793be2 Merge pull request #607 from ansible-semaphore/circle-ci-git-clone-by-https
b9800c6 build: use https to get source code
f78f9a5 fix: update linter and releaser deps
bf958ac fix: update some deps
a3172f6 Merge pull request #595 from pedroelbanquero/develop
ce38e1e Fixed discord invite
47c8355 Update
8c25ca1 Merge pull request #3 from megakoresh/develop
67c3a91 Switch back to single dredd container
3f94045 Switch to multistage builds for integration tests
c42c083 Switch prod build to official with multi-stage
99b86ae Merge into develop
aa22b29 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
3d954ce More CI fixes
5c5da2c Merge pull request #2 from megakoresh/develop
3de359e CI fixes
d356286 Use official images + fix linter
c768328 Migrated to golang module system
7602a2a Update dependencies, use go modules
ce236af Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
ddfbed1 npm audit fix in dredd
f2fb748 Merge pull request #1 from pedroelbanquero/pedroelbanquero-patch-1
3d5ac52 Merge pull request #1 from pedroelbanquero/develop
341b09b npm security fixes
b40cc5f Update router.go
d64a46f Removed explicit static file path declaration
7f8f972 Fixed repeating struct property
a368d30 Fixed mux router usage
3db758c Merge pull request #585 from megakoresh/fix-mulekick
4d28a61 Added some comments because linter complained
5ccae27 Remove mulekick, move functions to util
ab59274 Remove mulekick router, use mux directly
09a2b31 mux != Koa, undo refactor before it gets worse
bb97b8d Execute next middleware in stack only if present
23d65ba Refactored all routes to use native mux Middelware
23fdc85 Set version on windows taskfile
e32ecc5 Merge pull request #574 from fiftin/develop
17535f0 Merge pull request #569 from UnitedTraders/552-relative-path
28482e1 Merge pull request #583 from matejkramny/develop
d5f8335 fix dependency
201411d Merge pull request #581 from denics/patch-1
9ddaa92 Adding service file for debian based systemd
01a0ec2 Use https protocal to import font
ea98911 Fix generating version.go under Windows
32484cb allow o use semaphore via relative path
c88f212 try to fix relative path
5dc8aca Merge pull request #568 from UnitedTraders/523-401-logout
b4aac02 Merge branch 'develop' into 523-401-logout
822c8fd Merge pull request #567 from UnitedTraders/documentation-improvements
14f5f6b return 401 instead of 403 on unauthorized pages
2f85b29 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
d113a3a add documentation about dredd in docker-compose
5e71ce6 add dc dredd to taskfile
1bb7fc5 fix permission denied errors
bdced30 fix dredd build and launch
7bab8e0 add dredd to dev dc environment
2b13fe6 Merge pull request #563 from dahyungKwon/develop
cbe0c5f add compiled_hooks to gitignore
4450534 documentation hotfix
70bea1e add version 2.5.2
5d1ac12 Add task.arguments value to getPlaybookArgs() method.
4814b7e Add arguments column on task table.
c5f402b Add “Extra CLI Arguments” filed to "Create Task" UI.
8e18b9d Merge pull request #551 from UnitedTraders/549-dont-panic
cd30536 make semaphore less panic
853fe5f Merge pull request #546 from UnitedTraders/545-prepare-collisions
bfe1a4f Merge pull request #540 from twhiston/interface_setting
b60213a remove task from queue if it failed (on prepare step)
a817d2d add requested changes, add some logging
087acb8 remove collisions on prepareTask stage
373f3d1 add interface variable to settings

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