github ankitects/anki 2.1.64

latest releases: 2.1.65, 2.1.65rc1
13 days ago

Functional changes:

  • The Windows installer no longer requires admin access (thanks to Martin). The first time you
    update, you'll need to run the installer again after uninstall completes.
  • Allow the user to configure answer keys in the preferences, fixing conflicts (thanks to Ren).
  • Preload embedded fonts to prevent flicker, and tweak wait time for image preloading (thanks to Hikaru).
  • Add the ability to search for FSRS scheduling properties, eg. prop:cdn:d>0.5 to search
    for the difficulty > 0.5.
  • Window positions, state and browser headers are now reset each time the Qt version changes,
    which should fix a number of crashes that users were reporting.
  • Add-on shortcuts will now override Anki defaults (thanks to Ren).


  • Fix media files being imported incorrectly when importing an .apkg file exported without support for older
    Anki versions.
  • Increase the number of supported fields in the editor (thanks to Hikaru).
  • Attempt to work around intermittent color setting failures in Qt6.5 on macOS.
  • Fix ugly text rendering on Wayland when using fractional scaling.
  • Fix inability to import csv when path contains single quote.
  • Show an error pop-up when csv import screen fails to load.
  • Don't disable animations on card templates when reduce motion is on.
  • Fix an error in the console when resizing windows (thanks to Austin)
  • Fix a panic when user sets a huge learning step.
  • Fix page scrolling when input box loses focus (thanks to Hikaru).
  • Fix failure to start on Windows when path contains non-Latin text.
  • Fix due/ivl prop queries not working in filtered decks.
  • Make some collection methods public in the Rust API (thanks to Joel).

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