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18.0.0-next.5 (2024-04-17)


Commit Description
refactor - 3b0de30b37 remove deprecated isPlatformWorkerApp and isPlatformWorkerUi API (#55302)


Commit Description
fix - 7d5bc1c628 remove container index from conditional instruction (#55190)
fix - 4eb0165750 remove support for unassignable expressions in two-way bindings (#55342)


Commit Description
feat - fdd560ea14 Add ability to configure zone change detection to use zoneless scheduler (#55252)
feat - bce5e2344f Add build target for jsaction contract binary. (#55319)
feat - f09c5a7bc4 Add zoneless change detection provider as experimental (#55329)
feat - d28614b90e Modify EventType from an enum to an object. (#55323)
feat - 1ee9f32621 Synchronize changes from internal JSAction codebase. (#55182)
fix - de7447d15e Angular should not ignore changes that happen outside the zone (#55102)
fix - 0cec9e4f9a Fix null dereference error addEvent (#55353)
fix - 6534c035c0 Remove deprecated Testability methods (#53768)


Commit Description
fix - 3bc63eaaf3 avoid running CDs on controllerchange (#54222)

Breaking Changes


  • The deprecated isPlatformWorkerUi and isPlatformWorkerApp have been removed without replacement, as they serve no purpose since the removal of the WebWorker platform.


  • Angular only supports writable expressions inside of two-way bindings.


  • Angular will ensure change detection runs, even when the state update originates from
    outside the zone, tests may observe additional rounds of change
    detection compared to the previous behavior.

    This change will be more likely to impact existing unit tests.
    This should usually be seen as more correct and the test should be updated,
    but in cases where it is too much effort to debug, the test can revert to the old behavior by adding
    provideZoneChangeDetection({schedulingMode: NgZoneSchedulingMode.NgZoneOnly})
    to the TestBed providers.

    Similarly, applications which may want to update state outside the zone
    and not trigger change detection can add
    provideZoneChangeDetection({schedulingMode: NgZoneSchedulingMode.NgZoneOnly})
    to the providers in bootstrapApplication or add
    schedulingMode: NgZoneSchedulingMode.NgZoneOnly to the
    BootstrapOptions of bootstrapModule.

  • Testability methods increasePendingRequestCount,
    decreasePendingRequestCount and getPendingRequestCount have been
    removed. This information is tracked with zones.

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