github andyholmes/gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect v40-rc1

This is a release candidate for v40.

Notable Changes

  • MPRIS Plugin: fix property setter on exported player (See #888, reported by @romishra)
  • Share Plugin: don't filter URI schemes (See #890, reported by @bitcoinuser)
  • SMS Plugin: fix error caused by invalid assumption about threads (See #883, reported by @andrei-mart)
  • Mousepad Plugin: ignore remote keyboard state (See #892, reported by @felipemarins)

As always, thanks to contributors of all kinds to GSConnect. While the KDE Connect team continues its GSoC internship, expect great improvements to the SMS/MMS plugin, thanks to the work of @anikket786 and others!

List of changes since v39 here.

latest releases: v44, v43, v42...
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