github andyholmes/gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect v40

v40 is now available for download, containing a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Notable changes & fixes

  • MPRIS Plugin: fix property setter on exported player (See #888, reported by @romishra)
  • Share Plugin: don't filter URI schemes (See #890, reported by @bitcoinuser)
  • SMS Plugin: fix error caused by invalid assumption about threads (See #883, reported by @andrei-mart)
  • Mousepad Plugin: ignore remote keyboard state (See #892, reported by @felipemarins)
  • MPRIS Plugin: Fix duplicated remote media players (#897, reported by @stuartlangridge)
  • Shell Extension: Remove tweener usage deprecated in GNOME 3.38 (#905, reported by @voxik)
  • Many code improvements resulting in better JIT optimization, better garbage collection, protocol optimizations, faster startup time and more.

As always, thanks to contributors of all kinds to GSConnect, and the KDE Connect team!

List of changes since v39 here.

latest releases: v43, v42, v42-rc1...
2 months ago