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v0.24.0 (2021-10-25)

Full Changelog

Added Features

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot handle Syft SBOM for directory scans [Issue #298]
  • False positive for package version appended with a release number (e.g. 1.5.1-r1) [Issue #427]
  • Image parsing hang if finds a directory with name ending in space [Issue #460]
  • Scan against container generating error and usage prompt on finding vulnerability [Issue #461]

Docker images

  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0.24.0-amd64
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0-amd64
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0.24-amd64
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0.24.0-arm64v8
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0-arm64v8
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0.24-arm64v8

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