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v0.12.1 (2021-05-25)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Allow registry auth config without authority value #322 (luhring)
  • Add java virtual path to package metadata #320 (wagoodman)
  • Show limited package metadata in json presenter #319 (wagoodman)
  • json output should be sorted #245
  • Expose the explicit record source for each match #283
  • Add database information to the JSON output #270
  • Add DB information to json descriptor block #302 (wagoodman)
  • Add grype db namespace indication in match details #299 (wagoodman)

Fixed bugs:

  • Alpine matching should use NVD as primary source #281
  • Vulnerability check should be more "greedy" #252
  • Allow registry auth config without authority value #322 (luhring)

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Docker images

  • docker pull anchore/grype:latest
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0.12.1
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0.12

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