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v0.10.2 (2021-04-14)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Report the repo digests in the JSON output source section #269
  • Ability to pull image directly from a registry (without the Docker daemon) #264
  • Allow user-defined output formats #251
  • Pull in syft v0.14.0 and further decouple presenters from Syft #263 (wagoodman)
  • Upgrade grype-db to schema v2 #255

Fixed bugs:

  • Status text column not consistently aligned #289
  • Cannot handle downgrading grype versions with different DB schemas #271
  • CPEs in JSON output should be a formatted string #268
  • Private registry and password not working with special chars #254
  • Align status text column with that of Syft handlers #292 (luhring)
  • Stage DB file within directory named by schema version #272 (wagoodman)

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Docker images

  • docker pull anchore/grype:latest
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0.10.2
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0
  • docker pull anchore/grype:v0.10

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