github anchore/grype v0.1.0-beta.9

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22 months ago


ec493d5 Merge pull request #159 from anchore/update-testutils
578afab update go.mod and go.sum
c73a337 fix replacement of results with matches (#158)
f0f8f4b add --fail-on threshold support (#156)
0397206 Merge pull request #154 from anchore/issue-148
ca19b08 presenter: cyclonedx shouldn't eat up errors
7b71401 cyclonedx tests: update BD name to use grype instead of syft
2d44839 presenter: cyclonedx document updates to pass schema validation
4f78b57 presenter: cyclonedx vulnerability schema fixes
2b8dfc2 temporary bump of go deps for testing
0fb5080 presenter: add new golden files for cyclonedx tests
46f3948 presenter: remove unneeded golden files
3de06ce presenter: join dir+img presesnter tests for cyclonedx
298a801 tests: update CycloneDX presenters with new namespaces
80d494b presenter: add xmlns for bd and v namespaces in cyclonedx output
3a57218 ci: hook the cyclonedx validation into CircleCI
57d777c tests: add cyclonedx schema check

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