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23 months ago


1338850 Add fixed-in-version to the presenters (#147)
bd50ffc Change search key json output to a map (#146)
c0efed5 Merge pull request #143 from anchore/issue-39
c768955 presenter: cyclonedx tests
8fc7efd result: add a helper to get packages by ID
444b191 presenter: set the options to hook CycloneDX output
48c3c2a presenter: add a cyclonedx presenter
8e8ad48 dependencies: update to latest syft and include uuid
b77e023 Merge pull request #137 from anchore/issue-94
d2949a2 matcher: add duplicate to demonstrate they don't show up
89f8ac4 test: update integration to match new SearchMatches
46f614d tests: json presenter output updated
5428cc2 presenter: json to use a string for the search key, not a map
2d7af0b matchers: use strings for SearchKeys
87c267f matchers: cpe should prevent duplicates by not adding already present CPEs
b8a4183 vuln matches should include search matches
651751f simplify version cmd + add json option (#139)
be6a7ea Update to highlight supported distros and languages (#135)
8757b47 Merge pull request #136 from anchore/issue-py-setup
b0c6dc2 test: update scope.FilesByGlob, it is now part of Resolver
b8e9431 dependencies: bump to latest syft that includes support
618672a matcher: use pkg.PythonSetupPkg as well
3836626 add demo gif (#134)
d3987d7 Update modules (#127)
66b2512 Merge pull request #124 from anchore/issue-91
b237bf9 test: fuzzyConstraint needs a hint now, update tests
75b3537 version: use hint if provided
84684f2 test: add examples of crazy PEP440 rules
0399e08 version: use the new PythonFormat
41147df test: update integration validation for python packages with Python format
0618d1d github is picky about the issue template file extension
d0b03fa add slack links to issue selection (#123)
a34bf6e Merge pull request #122 from nwl/readme-fixes
f2ce94b Replaced stray syft entries with grype
93e39a7 Merge pull request #120 from anchore/readme-install-fix
2caa0d2 docs: emphasize installation methods before features and getting started
89a6201 Disable prerelease version update check (#118)
12b2296 Add future ideas + beta warning to README (#114)
8052fa6 Update installation method (#117)

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