github anchore/grype v0.1.0-beta.5

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24 months ago


56b9576 Add inline-comparison as acceptance test (#106)
f98e3cd replace search key from table with severity (#107)
37ceb17 Add shell completion script (#109)
2ccdefd Add poetry to package types (#108)
30d72dd fix spaces alignment on etui
c1fdaba Adding additional detail to README (#103)
f1ad989 replace master with main (#104)
6de7e40 finalize the json output (no schema yet) (#102)
76ff973 Merge pull request #99 from anchore/issue-18
5d057db cpe: update tests to match new ANY in product name
d8da43b test: update integration tests for alpine
e4689c6 matcher: add apk matcher unit tests
44767fc result: add a Count() helper method
4476fc9 broaden cpe matcher + modify alpine matcher
a9bf268 integration tests for corner case
cff46b8 add apk to controller
e0db0c1 test: add integration corner cases for Alpine
905cae5 matcher: add APK support
317b383 match: add APK matcher type
5147985 add description and cvss metadata to v1 schema (#100)
4e6eb13 fix panic on top-level log (#97)
81eab4e pull all commits on checkout for release to build changelog (#98)
f3756d0 change default scope to squashed (from all-layers) (#95)
0cfca60 Merge pull request #83 from anchore/initial-docs
57d73a5 docs: update README with sections and DB information
2cd127b Update pkg type (#87)
e1f4c54 bump syft for docker pull + UI elements for pull status (#81)
5261e4a Merge pull request #84 from anchore/help-error
c581a45 cmd: display help menu when no args are passed in - skip the error
87e6dc0 Merge pull request #82 from anchore/log-fix
b214c29 cmd: fix log identifier for stereoscope
fb8f3d8 restore log source after etui exit
11731fa replace zap logger with logrus (#80)
861883c pull in fix for bounds check progress formatting values in etui

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