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Hi all,

This is the first batch of release files built for Ampache6.

This isn't going to be the final version but it's now in a state that is ready for everyone else to play with.

For anyone who is ready to have a look make sure you backup your database first.

Where to read about the changes

Keep an eye on the pull #3497 if you want to know when things are releasing.

To get an idea of what's new, that's documented in the wiki here:

A massive git comparison is available here: release6...patch6

The API documentation is here:

Release files

UNSUPPORTED php7.4 will be built until it can't be done any more
d7df3c11a748b6b7abd11d5d461f9fcf ./
3e3b4c6d1d6f904feeba536fcb358e81 ./

7bef30f4c0900e06a71842d9bf736502 ./
a9526243717747f9d1b0e41a7956f482 ./

0fd35afdc2cbde5487157d5919520d5f ./
c829c2065bdf27020b89bac73bcb29b2 ./

f9997472208eede48b771a5f1e0dd96e ./
e5e7cac3081fa7deb15a4d4452743243 ./

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