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  • #1814 Improved the MeshCentral sync feature by addressing specific edge cases that were causing issues for some users.


  • Added #182 MeshCentral permissions now sync with TRMM. IMPORTANT Please watch the video to fully understand the changes (sound on).
  • The agent now supports running Deno (Javascript/Typescript) and Nushell scripts, enhancing cross-platform scripting capabilities. For instructions, refer to the Deno and Nushell documentation. Requires agent v2.7.0. Thanks to @NiceGuyIT for the implementation.
  • Added a Shutdown option to the agent's context menu for easier remote power management. Requires agent v2.7.0. Thanks to @conlan0 for the implementation.
  • Fixed #1789 Cleanup orphaned check history results from the database for deleted agents.
  • Fixed #1803 Fixed the "Show Offline for over 30 days" filter in the agent table which was not functioning properly.
  • The built-in script variables now allow access to int, float and JSON database fields so you can now access fields like {{}}, {{agent.boot_time}} and {{agent.wmi_detail}}. Refer to the documentation for more info.
  • Resolved an issue where updating on Debian could disrupt Node/NPM packages, leading to MeshCentral update failures.
  • Updated the install script to include an optional --use-own-cert flag for users preferring to use their own SSL certificate. It prompts for the full path to the certificate's fullchain and private key.
  • Implemented a data size limit of 10MB for endpoints returning command/script output from agents, aimed at preventing performance issues caused by excessive data from runaway scripts. This limit is adjustable via the TRMM_MAX_REQUEST_SIZE variable in, with the option to set custom limits (e.g., 20MB limit can be set with TRMM_MAX_REQUEST_SIZE = 20 * 2**20).
  • Updated several model primary key fields to use bigint to avoid reaching the maximum limit of int. Note: During update, these migrations might take a very long time to complete. Please be patient and allow the process to finish.
  • Chocolatey - Install, Uninstall, List and Upgrade Software community script updated. If you use in an automation policy with parameters you should manually update your cloned script. Update significantly reduces returned log lengths (that can be very long for big downloads).
  • MeshCentral updated to v1.1.21
  • Python updated to 3.11.8
  • Various dependency updates.


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