github alpinejs/alpine v2.7.1


  • .$watch now supports watching magic properties #767


  • Checkboxes using x-model were checking for strict equality which causes bugs with arrays containing a mix of strings and integers. Now using loose-equality check #815
  • x-spread didn't support "leave" transition directives #802
  • magic properties now support IE11 #771
  • Checkboxes with non-boolean :value bindings were being treated as booleans (for example the integer "0") #770
  • x-for="i in 10" currently works (looping a range 1-10), however x-for="i in count" (if count were 10) didn't - fixed now #761
latest releases: v2.8.0, v2.7.3, v2.7.2...
3 months ago