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Algorand BetaNet 3.9.0

13 months ago

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This release requires a protocol upgrade.
This release contains a consensus protocol upgrade, which implements the following spec:

What's New

  • State Proofs: lightweight, cryptographically provable, portable proofs of Algorand state that let dapps on other blockchains trustlessly verify Algorand transactions, making it safer and easier to develop and use cross-chain products and services.
  • Max TPS of 6k
    • Larger blocks: ~5x increase in max-block size (from 1MB to 5MiB), allowing up to ~25k transactions per block.
    • Shorter round times: ~0.5s reduction in average round times (approaching ~3.9s).
  • AVM v7
    • On-chain randomness beacons and oracles can now be built by taking advantage the new block and vrf_verify opcodes.
    • Unfunded accounts (with 0 microalgo) can now issue transactions as long as their fees are covered by fee pooling in the transaction group.
    • App calls are now implicitly given access to the app accounts for the apps specified in the foreign apps array.


New Features

  • Algod: State Proofs (#4226)
  • AVM: randomness support (#3900)
  • AVM: Refactor Pseudo-ops (#4170)
  • AVM: Provide access to large programs in a txn, for read and inner submit (#4148)
  • Goal Network Catchup: automatically fetch catchpoint if not provided (#4012)


  • 320 Rounds: Add logging for new logic (#4332)
  • AVM: Spec updates for v7 (#4347)
  • AVM: Fix crypto benchmarks from bitrot (#4340)
  • AVM: Move elliptic curve math up to v8 so it doesn't get released (#4282)
  • AVM: Consolidate TEAL and AVM versioning (#4269)
  • AVM: Don't parallelize tests that use shared for loop var (#4253)
  • Algod: rename some API operations for clarity (#4376)
  • Ci: Run go vet on the entire repo (#4312)
  • Ci: Add parameter to run Nightly Test (#4299)
  • Cicd: add mac arm64 to integration tests (#4167)
  • Cicd: upgrade xcode on circleci macos executors (#4188)
  • Cicd: remove unused genesis in stash (#4155)
  • Config: set MaxAcctLookback to 4 (#4296)
  • Config: update vFuture consensus and configuration for 5MB blocks (#4273)
  • Consensus: introduce v33, v34 (#4334)
  • Crypto: remove batch verification flag (#3781)
  • Docs: Control the specs generated seperately from logic.LogicVersion (#4361)
  • Enhancement: Detect when valid partkeys represent an offline or closed account (#4030)
  • Github-actions: add Not-Yet-Enabled and Skip-Release-Notes labels (#4196)
  • Goal: Allow --signer to send txns from rekeyed accounts (#4175)
  • Goal: Make the -n flag (network name) optional. Get it from template file (#4159)
  • Ledger: restore pointer receivers and args from #4003 (#4239)
  • Ledger: shorter deltas lookback implementation (320 rounds project) (#4003)
  • Loadgenerator: add multiple accounts config option (#4321)
  • Logging: Add a way to inject an external logger. (#4158)
  • Metrics: Don't allocate when invoking the Inc() fastpath (#4193)
  • Network: make txBacklogSize responsive to block size (#4377)
  • Optimization: Use bits package for Muldiv. 266x speedup (#4210)
  • Tests: extended logging on expect test abort (#4343)
  • Tests: cluster scenarios for 2022-07 (#4331)
  • Tests: touch fields_string.go so everything is rebuilt in codegen verification (#4330)
  • Tests: Make e2e subs report individual results better (#4286)
  • Tests: Fix typo in ledger_test.go (#4297)
  • Tests: Support multiple e2e test archives. (#4284)
  • Tests: Fail codegen_verification if is bad (#4277)
  • Tests: use T.TempDir to create temporary test directory (#4256)
  • Tests: fixes to catchpoint e2e tests (#4236)
  • Tests: pingpong fixes and heap watch reporting (#4069)
  • Tools: adapt loadgenerator to cluster testing (#4324)
  • Tools: Fixing updater to accept m1 (Darwin arm64) (#4099)


  • AVM: Make txn FirstValidTime and block opcode available in logicsigs (#4371)
  • Algod: fix issues causing database is locked sqlite error (#4110)
  • Bug Fix: Adds ephemeral Flag and Better Error messages (#4245)
  • Catchpointdump: fix downloading logic (#4171)
  • Goal: Fix source map mappings key and use relative line values (#4198)
  • Ledger: fix accountsMu usage (#4280)
  • Ledger: remove txtail from data race test (#4315)
  • Tests: fix TestAccountsCanSendMoney #3 (#4379)
  • Tests: un-shadow loadgen privateKeys var (#4380)
  • Tests: fix TestAssetValidRounds (#4351)
  • Tests: fix TestAccountsCanSendMoney #2 (#4374)
  • Tests: fix TestAccountsCanSendMoney (#4354)
  • Tests: close ledger after TestCatchupUnmatchedCertificate (#4348)
  • Tests: simplify TestWebsocketNetworkMessageOfInterest (#4341)
  • Tests: pass fixture by pointer instead of by value, since it contains a mutex (#4310)
  • Tests: fix TestParticipationDB_Locking (#4265)
  • Tools: goal logging send fixes (#4281)
  • Txns: Allow "empty" accounts to be Senders if someone else pays (#4151)

Activations (previously in vFuture)

  • AVM: Add bn256 pairing opcodes experimentally (#4013)
  • AVM: base64_decode can decode padded or unpadded encodings (#4015)
  • AVM: Allow immutable access to foreign app accounts (#3994)
  • AVM: Unify inner transaction ID calculation (#3927)
  • AVM: replace opcodes (#4129)
  • AVM: Set proper costs for json_ref (#4096)
  • StateProofs: New block header field - SHA256 merkle root of the transactions (#3829)
  • StateProofs: fix GetProof endpoint response (#3985)

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