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Algorand 3.7.1

pre-release16 months ago

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Bandwidth optimization for non-participating nodes and golang 1.17 upgrade.

What's New

  • Non-participating nodes do not receive gossiped proposed transactions by default
  • Building from source now supported for M1 Mac
  • Golang 1.17 upgrade


A new flag was added to that will enable checksum and signature verification on the downloaded updater archive with the goal that at some point in the future, this will be the default. This requires that gpg and sha256sum are available on the system to be able to perform the checks. To start using this, pass -verify when calling the script. If -verify is not explicitly passed, will function the same as before.


New Features

  • Build: Bump golang to 1.17.9/Mac M1 Support (#3919)


  • Algod: Add a sourcemap flag for compile endpoint (#3938)
  • Algod API: Remove errant base64 docs reference (#3982)
  • Algokey: Add -v flag to get the version (#4004)
  • Build: Add to error message (#3921)
  • Ci: use tag to determine channel if possible (#4017)
  • Ci: add simple codecov config (#3997)
  • Cleanup: replace crypto.HashObj(Transaction) with Transaction.ID() (#3958)
  • Devops: Use Cloudflare API token instead of auth key (#4039)
  • Dryrun: Return EvalDeltas for failed executions in Dryrun (#3929)
  • Metrics: collect and report Go runtime.metrics (#4041)
  • Network: Non-participating Nodes Request Tx Gossip Only If Forcefetchtransactions: true (#3918)
  • Tealdbg: Add hidden "generate-docs" command (#3830)
  • Tests: Support e2e-go tests when repo is not installed in GOPATH. (#3949)
  • Tools: Add benchmark warnings for PRs and push graphs for commits into master (#3998)
  • Transaction Sync: Transition test (#3882)


  • Agreement: fix typo in bandwidthFilter_test (#4028)
  • Ci: ensure msgp generator has been run and is clean (#3978)
  • Developer Tools: Add manjaro support to build script (#3893)
  • Dryrun: Split dryrun cost field into BudgetConsumed and BudgetAdded (#3957)
  • E2e Tests: Fixes for e2e test runs (#3948)
  • Fix: place updater in same directory as (#3983)
  • Metrics: update node_exporter to support Linux diskstats (#4047)
  • Metrics: make metrics easier to use with prometheus (#4020)
  • Race Condition: Add lock around catchpointsMu to avoid race condition (#3944)
  • AVM: Allow app downgrades in old protocol versions (#4086)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.


vFuture changes are not yet available in MainNet or TestNet but can be used in private networks.

New Features

  • AVM: Add bn256 pairing opcodes experimentally (#4013)


  • AVM: base64_decode can decode padded or unpadded encodings (#4015)
  • AVM: Allow immutable access to foreign app accounts (#3994)
  • AVM: Unify inner transaction ID calculation (#3927)
  • Stateproofs: New block header field - SHA256 merkle root of the transactions (#3829)
  • Stateproofs: fix GetProof endpoint response (#3985)

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