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Algorand BetaNet 3.5.1

18 months ago

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This release is intended to address minor bugs discovered prior to the v3.5.0 release.


New Features

  • AVM: Fido2 opcodes (#3514)
  • AVM: Opcode for ed25519 verify of arbitrary messages. (#3218)
  • AVM: sha3: 256 (#3762)


  • Crypto: Call batchverificationimpl from onetimesignatureverifier.verify (#3759)
  • Ledger: Move prefetcher to a new package (#3735)
  • Participation Key Registry: Complete cleanup (#3768)
  • Prefetcher: Add eval vs prefetcher alignment tests (#3729)
  • REST API: Use errorresponse instead of accountserrorresponse (#3737)
  • Tests: Update test5massetsscenario e2e test (#3750)
  • Tests: Improve 6m asset testing performance (#3749)
  • Tests: improve goal-partkey: Info test logging (#3753)
  • Tests: E2e testing c2c with clearstateprogram (#3693)
  • Tests: Test 6m assets/apps per account (#3739)


  • Account Manager: Avoid taking locks for long period of time (#3717)
  • Agreement: Add warning when decoding proposal of an unsupported consensus version (#3730)
  • Ledger: Fix lookuplatest when the ledger advances (#3769)
  • Prefetcher: ensure the grouptask.incompletecount is allocated on a 64: Bit aligned address (#3740)
  • REST API: Dryrun scratch slot type fix (#3736)
  • REST API: Fix typo in openapi json and yml files (#3741)
  • Telemetry: Fix version configuration (#3718)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

vFuture changes are not yet available in MainNet or TestNet but can be used in private networks.

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