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Algorand 3.18.0

14 days ago

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Go-Algorand 3.18.0 is a minor release introducing the ability for unnamed resources to be referenced from simulated transaction groups. The release also contains minor enhancements and bug fixes.

What's New

  • 🔮 Simulate: Transactions can now be evaluated by simulate without specifying foreign references (without populating apps/accounts/assets/box arrays). (#5366)
  • 🧱 Blocks Endpoint: Introducing Algod's /v2/blocks/{round}/txids endpoint. With this, you can now retrieve top level Transaction ID's in a given block. (#5611)
  • 🪪 API Authentication: Use the DisableAPIAuth configuration option to make Algod's public API endpoints accessible without providing an Authentication token. (#5625)

Important Note

To combat data corruption risk, a node will terminate if an I/O error is encountered during ledger db commit. Future go-algorand versions will introduce software internal mechanisms as well.

Known Issue

Raspberry Pi ARM32 support is not available in this release due to compile issues. Please continue to use older versions in the mean time.


New Features

  • Ledger: generic kv trackers backend implementation (#5488)
  • Simulate: Add State Change to Exec Trace (#5659)
  • Simulate: Allow unnamed foreign resource access (#5366)
  • Simulate: Hash of Program Bytecodes in Simulation (#5658)
  • Txhandler: Enable ERL by default in configuration. (#5683)


  • API: Disable API authentication (#5625)
  • AVM: Enable pooling of logicsig execution across a group (#5528)
  • AVM: Expose global fields to TEAL that return MBR for asset create/optin (#5680)
  • Algod: Add API Endpoint to fetch TxIDs from block (#5611)
  • Build: upgrade to go1.20.6 (#5577)
  • Build(deps): bump from 0.29.0 to 0.29.1 (#5647)
  • Chore: Remove faulty assertion (#5675)
  • Clocks: tagged deadlines (#5649)
  • Goal: --full-trace keeps track of everything in exec trace (#5609)
  • Ledger: Remove redundant block header cache (#5540)
  • Ledger: increase locks granularity in lookupWithoutRewards (#5527)
  • Metrics: add counters for ledger locks trackerMu and accountsMu (#5635)
  • Metrics: add counters to broadcastSignedTxGroup (#5588)
  • Netdeploy: allow simple local net topologies (#5612)
  • Network: make GossipNode more independent from wsNetwork implementation (#5634)
  • P2p: Add delete/create to algons dnsaddr command (#5631)
  • P2p: in-memory peerstore (#5664)
  • P2p: multiaddr dns bootstrapping utils (#5575)
  • P2p: Add peerID and feature flag (#5591)
  • P2p: adding peerstore (#5576)
  • Phonebook: Persist initial phonebook peers; remove unused ExtendPeerList (#5615)
  • REST API: Allow fast track transaction broadcasting via txHandler (#5535)
  • Tools: add block-generator initial round to report. (#5689)
  • Tools: metrics files visualizer (#5661)
  • Tools: block-generator locked table retry and additional metrics (#5653)
  • Tools: block-generator option to delay before running scenario. (#5694)
  • Tools: precompile block-generator teal code (#5642)
  • Tools: use CommandContext to cancel conduit process. (#5636)
  • Tools: write block generator ledger output to a file (#5630)
  • Tools: additional generator lifecycle logging. (#5627)
  • Tools: option to run block generator test multiple times (#5617)


  • API: Describe WaitForBlock timeout behavior. (#5587)
  • Build: Remove n-algorand from wsnetwork partial overlap test. (#5660)
  • Catchup: make unsupported block handling more deterministic (#5673)
  • Cicd: Macos dependencies (#5618)
  • Ledger: fix error condition leaked from KV-related refactoring (#5678)
  • Ledger: Close the ledger at node shutdown (#5668)
  • Ledger: Clear Merkle Trie on Commit Error (#5568)
  • Libgoal: set FirstValid to LastRound to prevent early tnxs (#5622)
  • Revert "ledger: increase locks granularity in lookupWithoutRewards" (#5620)
  • Tests: fix close - commit data race in tracker tests (#5619)
  • Tools: test on CI regardless of modded file (#5621)

Protocol Upgrade

This release does not contain a protocol upgrade.

vFuture changes are not yet available in MainNet or TestNet but can be used in private networks.

  • AVM: Expose global fields to TEAL that return MBR for asset create/optin (#5680)

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